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Supercharge Your Real Estate Career with OgaCRM

George Orbell

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24 Nov, 2020 03:14 pm visibility 3615 | comment 0

OgaCRM is a free customer relationship management platform for real estate vendors.

Vendors can:
- Manage their properties and clients.
- List their properties on the platforms public pages for property seekers to find them.
- List their properties on their own website powered by OgaCRM.
- Create invoices for interested clients.
- Earn money when adverts are displayed to your website visitors.
- Share their properties on all social media platforms.
- Generate targeted leads for marketing.
- etc

It can be found at:

SEO Friendly Websites

All OgaCRM powered websites are Search Engine Optimized.

What this means is that, when listed properties from our marketplace,, show up on search engine results, Eg google and yahoo search, the visitors are directed to the vendors website and not to marketplace.

This therefore implies that vendors will be getting a lot of organic traffic to their websites thereby increasing their earnings rate either via property sale/rent/etc or adverts commissions.

Change Your Username and Your Website Address

When you create a new account, your vendor ID is your default username. Your vendor ID is automatically assigned by the system and looks like "ref-1234".

Your website address is a combination of your username and your preferred extension (available extensions are,,,
So in the example above, your website address will look like "".

Change your username to something more memorable like "MyBusinessName" (use your actual business name or preferred username), so your website address becomes "".

When entering your username, put the words together so it looks like one word. Also, notice the capitalisation in the example. For best result, use capital letters for the first letter of each sub-word like this: MyBusinessName

To change your username, make sure you are signed in to your account at, then from the drop-down menu on the top-right of your screen, go to "Personal Details", then click the "Edit" button at the bottom of the page. Locate the username field and update it with your preferred username. If you haven't already entered your street address, you must do so before you click the "Save" button and voila, you have successfully updated your username and website address.

To see your website address, go to your "Dashboard" and scroll down to your "Profile Summary". Click the link or type it into a browser and hit the "Enter" key to see your website content.

Creating An Account

To create an account, visit, fill the registration form (some fields are pre-filled), then save the form.

Once completed, an email verification code will be sent to your registered email address. You can either enter the code into the provided field or click the link in the email to verify your email address.

An account will be automatically created for you at If the provided email address is associated with Blogulr account, that account will be associated with your new OgaCRM account.

Blogulr (pronounced: blogular) is a platform for bloggers to create blog posts and socialise. Blogulr has been integrated into OgaCRM and all your blog posts are saved to and displayed from your Blogulr account.

Using the email address and password you provided when creating your OgaCRM account, you can sign into your Blogulr account to:
- Update your Blogulr profile
- Create blog posts
- Share blog posts to social media accounts
- Contact other bloggers
- etc

With the social media features, Blogulr makes it easy to promote your blog posts and also promote your entire internet presence.

Websites Powered by OgaCRM

Having a fully functional website with all the features you need has never been this easy. As soon as you create your account, your website is up and running.

Features include:
- Auto Logo
- Auto "Properties Near You"
- Property Listing
- Property Search
- Quick Search
- Social Media Sharing
- Blog
- Auto/Manual Currency Conversion
- Contact Forms

Only your phone numbers are displayed. Your email address is not displayed. However, there are pre-filled enquiry forms that can be used to reach you via email.

All you have to do is list your properties and they will appear on your website as well as on Also create blog posts and they will appear on your blog page along with your Blogulr profile. Your blog posts will also be displayed on and on
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